Scarecrow Fields

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Scarecrow Fields
General information
Chalice Yes
Enemies Bats, Corn Killers, Crows, Mad Farmers, Mecha Imps, Scarecrows
Music (original) A difficult path
Music (remake) Killer Corn (or is it Wheat?)
FMV before level 3AV
Chronological information
Previous level Return to the Graveyard
Next level Pumpkin Gorge
King of Cups King of Cups
Collect all the chalice rewards.
Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead Healthiest Man Alive - Er Dead
Collect every Life Bottle.
Impaired Drivers Impaired Drivers
Defeat both Mecha Imps and their taunting Imp pilots.
"Nothing grows here anymore. Nothing good at least. And beware the corn. Or is it wheat? Well, whatever it is, don't walk into it!"
― Loading screen description

Scarecrow Fields is a level in MediEvil. After completion, the Sleeping Village and Pumpkin Gorge become available.


Scarecrow Fields, though it looks convoluted, is surprisingly linear. Sir Dan's biggest obstacles will be the enemies herein: scarecrows that take a few good whacks with a magicked Broad Sword, Mad Farmers flying out of haystacks, and the dreaded Mecha Imps acting as gatekeepers. From the entrance, follow the path and take out the charging scarecrows until Dan hits an open area with some haystacks (which can be burnt and blown up for all sorts of goodies in the remake) and a cart, dropping the farmers that fly out. Shove the cart aside to reveal a path to a small plaza. Search the area for an Energy Vial and the first Merchant Gargoyle if any are needed, noting the shack with a Moon claw. Return to the main path to enter a gated area. Oh no, it's the Mecha Imp! Swap in the crossbow and shoot the fiend's head off, then quickly run under it to get it turned around. Kill the pilot Imp to send the metal menace to the earth with a mighty "thud", then grab the Moon Rune. Return to the shack and open it for a club, knocking out the nuisance bats if desired. Grab the Earth Rune here as well.

Return to the pen where Dan felled the Mecha Imp and open the Earth Rune gate. Shield-charge the windmill with the Daring Dash to minimise damage, stopping by the Health Fountain on the way if need be. Grab the extra Silver Shield as needed, then make for a second pen with another Mecha Imp and take it down for the Chaos Rune, then open the gate and continue on the path. Dan will pass by a barn into a small cornfield. Stay on the cleared paths, lest Dan be killed in a matter of seconds by the no-see-'em Corn Killers milling about! Many goodies lie on the short detours on this field, but the prize here is the great serpent Kul Katura! Keep him in view as long as possible so that he mops up the various baddies out here. When Kul Katura vanishes, whack another cart out of the way to reveal an entrance to the barn. Head on in.

Exterminate the bats, then push the hay bale near the stacked crates to make a hopscotch course towards the right-hand platform. There is a Copper Shield here if needed. On the left side is a switch, so whack it to bring down the combine harvester. Turns out that a cutting blade is missing, per the nearby book. Dan needs to fetch that part ASAP, but he'll need to survive the worst this level has to offer. Exit the barn and head back to the maize maze, then work through a few more windmills to reach several machines: a corn grinder, plant cutters, and a corn mill.

There are coins around the first few machines. Try NOT to get mashed picking them up. Then, make for the cutters and the grinder, taking care that the jets of refined corn do not push Dan to be turned into calcium powder. The largest of the cutters has several paths out. One leads straight for the exit, while the others lead to another Health Fountain and the missing harvester part we need. Grab it and head back through the machines to the barn.

Use the harvester part, and it will slice through the remainder of the deadly corn, making a third Health Fountain and several goodies accessible. Take the widest path cut by the harvester to reach a cache of gold and the Chalice of Souls for the level (note that in the remake, Dan will have to jump over the harvester or else be shredded to death), as well as the second Merchant and a Life Bottle. Once everything is picked up, head through both mazes and locate the exit. The Information Gargoyle here drops a hint about Pumpkin Gorge.

Book of Gallowmere





Melee weapons


Rune Stones




Information Gargoyle (level finish)

68 Information Gargoyle Pumpkin Gorge dead ahead, the nursery to Gallowmere's favourite side dish. Step inside and understand the true horror of fruit gone bad!


Main article: Books in MediEvil

Book 1

The scarecrows are almost unstoppable so don't be a hero! Try trapping them while you make your escape.

Book 2

Beware of mischief makers in metal machines! Who knows what dark sorcery brings their metal limbs to life! It would be good to see the back of such menaces!

Book 3

Kul Katura the Serpent Lord yearns to fight along side you but has been captured by Zarok and scaled within a Chest. Free this mighty Spirit and earn a powerful ally!

Book 4

Death waits in the cornfield. Pick your route carefully and do not linger in the corn.

Book 5

These fields are home to many mad machines, yet the most bizarre of them is housed within this barn.

Book 6

The Corn cutting machine is missing a part. A cog fell off this miracle of modern agriculture and it hasn't worked since.


In other languages

MediEvil (1998 original)

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Language Name Meaning
Arabic ”حقول الفزاعة”
"huqul alfazaeati"
Bulgarian Ниви с плашила
Nivi s plashila
Croatian Polja strašila -
Czech Strašákovo pole -
Danish Fugleskræmselsmarkerne -
Dutch Vogelverschrikkervelden -
Finnish Linnunpelättipellot -
French (France) Champs d'Épouvantails -
German Vogelscheuchenfelder -
Greek Τα Χωράφια των Σκιάχτρων
Ta Choráfia ton Skiáchtron
Hungarian Madárijesztők táblái -
Italian I campi degli spaventapasseri -
Japanese 小麦畑
Wheat Fields
Norwegian Fugleskremselåkrene -
Polish Strachowe Pola -
Portuguese (Brazil) Campos de Espantalho -
Portuguese (Portugal) Campos dos Espantalhos -
Romanian Lanurile cu Sperietori -
Russian Поля страшил
Polya strashil
Spanish (LatAm) Campo de Espantapájaros -
Spanish (Spain) Los Campos de espantapájaros -
Swedish Fågelskrämmefälten -
Turkish Korkuluk Tarlaları -


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