Baffy the Baffler

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Baffy the Baffler
Flavour text A Grass Dragon
Type Lost Soul
Found in The Hilltop Mausoleum
Used in The Asylum Grounds
Appears in MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
Lost and Found Lost and Found
Find all the Lost Souls.
Soul Savior Soul Savior
Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.
"Rhinotaurs are in the maze. Cleanse them of their vile ways."
― Baffy the Baffler, upon being found.

Baffy the Baffler was one of nineteen lost souls trapped inside a chest by Zarok the Sorcerer. Sir Dan freed him and laid him to rest.



As a soul, Baffy manifested as a disembodied blue face.


Baffy had a habit of speaking in rhymes.



Baffy the Baffler can be found in the Hilltop Mausoleum. He is found inside the mausoleum's main hall, close to the sealed area where you fight the Stained Glass Demon.

Laying to rest

"Rhinotaurs, they're few, but tough. Show those beasts some hero stuff!"
― Baffy, upon being brought to the correct place.

Dan must travel to the Asylum Grounds and unleash the soul near the dragon hedge at the start of maze. Afterwards, Dan must slay the Rhinotaurs as he travels through the twisting paths.

"That should do for now, I think. Now I need a spirit drink."
― Baffy, shortly before being laid to rest.

Behind the scenes


This lost soul is named after Robert Baffy, Audio Director on the remake. The term "baffle" means to confuse or perplex. This may be in reference to him speaking in rhymes.

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic بافي" المحيرة
bafy" almuhayira
Bulgarian Бафи Разказвача на гатанки
Bafi Razkazvacha na gatanki
Croatian Baffy Zbunjujući
Czech Baffy Bláznící
Danish Gavtyven Gulliver
Dutch Baffy de beuzelaar
Finnish Hämmentäjä Baffy
French (France) Connor le Confus
German Baffy der Bewanderte
Greek Baffy Μπούφος
Baffy Boúfos
Hungarian Bolondos Baffy
Italian Baffy l'enigmista
Japanese バッフィー・ザ・バッフラー
Baffī za baffurā
Norwegian Hindreren Baffy
Polish Baffy Zagadka
Portuguese (Brazil) Baffy, a Problemática
Portuguese (Portugal) Baffy Baffler
Romanian Baffy Bulversantul
Russian Баффи Блеф
Baffi Blef
Spanish (LatAm) Mista Misterio
Spanish (Spain) Estática, la Enigmática
Swedish Förbluffande Baffy
Turkish Şaşkın Baffy


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