Dan's Helmet

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Dan's Helmet
AKA Helmet
Flavour text Weak against arrows. And everything else.
Found in Inventory (MediEvil)
Dan's Crypt (Short-Lived Demo)
Stealable No

Dan's Helmet was a piece of armour worn by Sir Daniel Fortesque during the Battle of Gallowmere. It is disputed whether Sir Dan retained the helmet during his resurrection in 1386 or not, but he no longer had it by the time he was resurrected in 1886.


MediEvil (1999)

In the Japanese version of MediEvil, Dan begins the game with the helmet equipped. It can be removed by selecting it in the inventory and equipped again by selecting it once it has been removed. It only serves as a cosmetic item and wearing it doesn't provide any bonuses. Dan also wears the helmet in all the loading screens and full motion videos until he loses it in the endings.

MediEvil (2019)

In the PS4 remake of MediEvil, equipping the helmet doubles the damage output of all enemies, serving as a kind of hard mode. The helmet can only be obtained in the MediEvil Short-Lived Demo by picking it up near Dan's resting place and downloading it from the PlayStation Store.[1]

Behind the scenes


According to Jason Wilson, the addition of the helmet was a stipulation from the studio's Japanese partners, who were concerned that Dan's skeletal head might be seen as that of a bad spirit and not a 'hero' in Japan.[2]


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