Dan's Helmet

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Dan's Helmet
Icon Dan's Helmet
AKA Helmet
Flavour text Weak against arrows. And everything else.
Type Armour
Found in Inventory (MediEvil)
Dan's Crypt (Short-Lived Demo)
Appears in MediEvil MediEvil (1999)
MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)

Dan's Helmet was a piece of armour worn by Sir Daniel Fortesque during the Battle of Gallowmere.


13th century

Sir Dan wore this helmet during the Battle of Gallowmere in 1286. However, it failed to protect him from the arrow that would fatally wound him.

Later centuries

It is disputed whether Sir Dan retained the helmet during his resurrection in 1386 or not, but he no longer had it by the time he was resurrected in 1886.



Dan's helmet was gray with a golden trim. By 1386, it had lost its front visor. It sustained damage from the Battle of Gallowmere, having a sizeable crack at the front and a hole in the back.


MediEvil (1999 Japanese original)

The helmet only appears in the game's Japanese version, where Sir Dan begins the game with it already equipped. It can be removed by selecting it in the inventory and equipped again by selecting it once it has been removed.

It only serves as a cosmetic item and wearing it doesn't provide any bonuses. Dan also wears the helmet in all the loading screens and full motion videos until he loses it in the endings.

MediEvil (2019 remake)

How to obtain

Dan's Helmet PS Store page.

The helmet can only be acquired in the MediEvil Short-Lived Demo by picking it up near Dan's resting place and downloading it from the PlayStation Store.[1] A PlayStation Network account is therefore required in order for the helmet to be used in the full game. Additionally, because the Short-Lived demo is unavailable on PS5, it is necessary to obtain the helmet on PS4. However, once the helmet is claimed on an account, it will be available in the full game even on PS5.

After the helmet is successfully obtained via the PlayStation Store, it will be replaced by a moneybag in the demo. If the helmet was not claimed properly then it will reappear on subsequent playthroughs of the demo, showing the PlayStation Store prompt again upon being picked up. A moneybag also appears in the helmet's place in the full version of the game.


Message shown when the helmet is equipped.

When the helmet is equipped in the inventory, the following message will appear on screen:

"Helmet Equipped - Cursed! Your enemies are now more deadly!"

As the message suggests, equipping the helmet doubles the damage output of all enemies, serving as a kind of hard mode for the game. It will also cause the Dragon Armour to drain Dan's health, making the armour act essentially the same as it did in the original Japanese version.

When the helmet is unequipped, this message is shown instead:

"Helmet Unequipped. Your enemies return to normal."

Behind the scenes


MediEvil (1999 Japanese original)

According to Jason Wilson, the addition of the helmet into the Japanese version of the game was a stipulation from the studio's Japanese partners, who were concerned that Dan's skeletal head might be seen as that of a bad spirit and not a 'hero' in Japan.[2]

MediEvil (2019 remake)

Placeholder asset.

The helmet made a return in the remake. There is a placeholder asset for the helmet in the game files. It is a piece of concept art that more closely resembles the helmet design from the original Japanese version of the game.

The final design used in the remake is quite different from the original - the helmet has been recoloured to match the dull gray colour of the rest of Dan's armour, safe for a decorative trim. The visor has also been removed, exposing more of Dan's face than the original helmet. It also has a hole in the back and a crack at the front, presumably from the impact of the arrow that killed Dan.

However, the original design of the helmet still appears in the remake as part of the Super Armour.


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In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Arabic خوذة "دان
khudha "daan
Bulgarian Шлемът на Дан
Šlemʺt na Dan
Croatian Danova kaciga -
Czech Danova přilba -
Danish Dans Hjelm -
Dutch Dan's helm -
Finnish Danin kypärä -
French (France) Casque de Daniel -
German Dans Helm -
Greek Το Κράνος του Dan
To Krános tou Dan
Hungarian Dan sisakja -
Italian Elmo di Dan -
Japanese フォーテスクの兜[a]
Fōtesuku no kabuto
Fortesque's Helmet
Norwegian Dan sin hjelm -
Polish Hełm Dana -
Portuguese (Brazil) Capacete do Dan -
Portuguese (Portugal) Capacete do Dan -
Romanian Coiful lui Dan (finalizat)[b] -
Russian Шлем Дэна
Shlem Dena
Spanish (LatAm) Casco de Dan -
Spanish (Spain) Casco de Dan -
Swedish Dans Hjälm -
Turkish Dan'in Miğferi -


  1. In the original Japanese version, this was ヘルメット (Herumetto) instead.
  2. The Romanian translation says "finalised" in brackets. This was likely meant to be removed at some point, but was not, even on the latest patch version (1.02).


  1. "And make sure to keep your single eye out for the Dan’s Helmet item – an elusive piece of armor that appeared in the Japanese version of the original PS1 title. Picking up Dan’s Helmet early within the demo will reward players with an extra challenge when equipped in the full game, so don’t miss out!" — Accordino, Nick, MediEvil PS4 Demo Launches Today at PlayStation Store on PlayStation.Blog. Published September 24, 2019. Retrieved July 12, 2023.
  2. ProBoards "For Medievil there was a worry in Japan that Dan's skeletal head might be seen as a bad spirit and not a 'hero.'" — Wilson, Jason, MediEvil developers - Q&A; on MediEvil Boards. Published December 25, 2012.


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