Captain Coffman

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Captain Coffman
Flavour text A Clock for All Time
Type Lost Soul
Found in The Ghost Ship
Used in The Time Device
Appears in MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
Lost and Found Lost and Found
Find all the Lost Souls.
Soul Savior Soul Savior
Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.
"I once was a Captain, but my pirates mutinied, due to my lack of a convincing pirate accent. My soul remains trapped in time. Perhaps that Wizard's big clock can set me free?"
― Captain Coffman, upon being found.

Captain Coffman was one of nineteen lost souls trapped inside a chest by Zarok the Sorcerer. Sir Dan freed her and laid her to rest.


Coffman was the captain of a pirate ship. Her crew mutinied and she was eventually trapped inside a chest with other lost souls by Zarok. Sir Dan set her free.



As a soul, Coffman manifested as a disembodied red face.



Captain Coffman can be found below the decks of the Ghost Ship. She can be easily found if Dan drops down the area with the nets.

Laying to rest

"If I recall correctly, the big hand should be set to the number of force fields, and the little hand, to the number of brains."
― Coffman, upon being brought to the correct place.

Dan must travel to Zarok's Time Device and find a way on top of the big clock at the center. Dan must then unleash the soul and use the given hint to set the hour and minute hands to the correct time.

"At last, I'm stuck in that clock no more! Now that I'm free, I can finally work on my pirate accent, matey."
― Coffman, shortly before being laid to rest.

Behind the scenes


This lost soul is named after Kelsey Coffman, Associate Art Manager on the remake.

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic القبطان "كوفمان
alqubtan "kufman
Bulgarian Капитан Кофман
Kapitan Kofman
Croatian Kapetan Coffman
Czech Kapitán Coffman
Danish Kaptajn Coffman
Dutch Kapitein Coffman
Finnish Kapteeni Coffman
French (France) Capitaine Coffman
German Kapitän Koffmann
Greek Ο Καπετάν Coffman
O Kapetán Coffman
Hungarian Coffman kapitány
Italian Capitan Coffman
Japanese コフマン船長
Kofuman senchō
Norwegian Kaptein Coffman
Polish Kapitan Coffman
Portuguese (Brazil) Capitão Coffman
Portuguese (Portugal) Capitão Coffman
Romanian Căpitanul Coffman
Russian Капитан Кофман
Kapitan Kofman
Spanish (LatAm) Capitán Coffman
Spanish (Spain) Capitán Coffman
Swedish Kapten Coffman
Turkish Kaptan Coffman


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