Barrelman Badillo

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Barrelman Badillo
Flavour text A Crow's Nest
Type Lost Soul
Found in The Haunted Ruins
Used in The Ghost Ship
Appears in MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
Lost and Found Lost and Found
Find all the Lost Souls.
Soul Savior Soul Savior
Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.
"I saw a giant crow up in me crow's nest. Largest I've seen. Wonder if it's still up there?"
― Barrelman Badillo, upon being found.

Barrelman Badillo was one of nineteen lost souls trapped inside a chest by Zarok the Sorcerer. Sir Dan freed him and laid him to rest.


Badillo was a barrelman on the Ghost Ship where he saw what he deemed to be a giant crow. At some point, his soul was trapped by Zarok within a chest. Sir Dan freed Badillo and helped him look for the giant crow, which turned out to be a Dragon Bird. After seeing the bird, Badillo's soul found peace.



As a soul, Badillo appeared as a disembodied magenta face.


Badillo spoke like a pirate.



Barrelman Badillo can be found in the Haunted Ruins. After unlocking the gate leading to a walkway with flames, Dan can find the soul by making a left after passing through the gate.

Laying to rest

"Well, I suppose there be no crow here... wait, floundering fish livers, there it is! LOOK OUT!!"
― Badillo, upon being brought to the correct place.

Dan must travel to the Ghost Pirate Ship and take the lift up to the crow's nest area. After walking on the bridge, Dan must unleash the soul and use his Shield to defend himself from the Dragon Bird that attacks.

"Har har, that was a close call. 'Tis the dangers of having your ship so far up from the sea."
― Badillo, shortly before being laid to rest.

Behind the scenes


This lost soul is named after Norman Badillo, Senior Art Manager on the remake. A barrelman is a person who would be stationed in the barrel of the foremast or crow's nest of an oceangoing vessel as a navigational aid.

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic المراقب "باديلو
almuraqib "badilw
Bulgarian Морякът Бадило
Moryakŭt Badilo
Croatian Izviđač Badillo
Czech Pozorovatel Badillo
Danish Udkigsmand Uffe
Dutch Bootsman Badillo
Finnish Tynnyrintekijä Badillo
French (France) Badillo le Barreur
German Ausguck Aurelio
Greek Badillo ο Βαρελάνθρωπος
Badillo o Varelánthropos
Hungarian Badillo árbocőr
Italian Badillo la vedetta
Japanese バレルマン・バディロ
Bare Ruman badiro
Norwegian Tønnemannen Badillo
Polish Bednarz Badillo
Portuguese (Brazil) Badillo, o Vigia
Portuguese (Portugal) Badillo Barril
Romanian Badillo din vârful catargului
Russian Впередсмотрящий Бадилло
Vperedsmotryashchiy Badillo
Spanish (LatAm) Marinero Martino
Spanish (Spain) Gabi, el Gaviero
Swedish Tunnegubben Tunnello
Turkish Fıçıcıbaşı Badillo


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