Brute Bruty

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Brute Bruty
Flavour text A Broken Blade
Type Lost Soul
Found in The Graveyard
Used in Scarecrow Fields
Appears in MediEvil 2019 icon.png MediEvil (2019)
Lost and Found Lost and Found
Find all the Lost Souls.
Soul Savior Soul Savior
Lay all the Lost Souls to rest.
"Hey tough guy! I've got a proposition for ya. Meet me by the old windmill. Ya know, the one with the broken blade?"
― Brute Bruty, upon being found.

Brute Bruty was one of nineteen lost souls trapped inside a chest by Zarok the Sorcerer. Sir Dan freed him and laid him to rest.



As a soul, Bruty appeared as a disembodied magenta face.



Brute Bruty can be found in the Graveyard, close to the start of the level. Sir Dan can find him by taking a right turn around the fence.

Laying to rest

"Alright tough guy, let's see how you handle my new, tougher gauntlet. Make it to the end, and I'll give ya something nice!"
― Brute, upon being brought to the correct place.

Dan must travel to the Scarecrow Fields and unleash the soul near the windmill with the broken blade (the one near the level's exit). Then, Dan must run the gauntlet by making it through all the machines (which are now moving faster) and reach the level's end.

"Guess you made it. Here's the nice thing I promised ya - you have a very lovely eye. Tough guys like you probably don't get a lot of compliments!"
― Bruty, shortly before being laid to rest.

Behind the scenes


This lost soul is named after Nick Bruty, Art Director on the remake.

In other languages

Language Name
Arabic بروتي" الهمجي
bruti" alhamajiu
Bulgarian Звярът Брути
Zvyarŭt Bruti
Croatian Brute Bruty
Czech Brutálně brutální
Danish Brutale Bruty
Dutch Bruut Bruty
Finnish Raakaa rutistusta
French (France) Bruty la Brute
German Grober Gregor
Greek Ο Βαρβάτος Βάρβαρος
O Varvátos Várvaros
Hungarian Bruttó brutál
Italian Bruty la bestia
Japanese 乱暴者ブルーティ
Ranbō-sha burūti
Norwegian Tøff tøffesen
Polish Brutal Bruty
Portuguese (Brazil) Bruto Bruty
Portuguese (Portugal) Bruto Brutal
Romanian Bruty cel Brutal
Russian Брут Столько-не-живут
Brut Stol'ko-ne-zhivut
Spanish (LatAm) Brutus el bruto
Spanish (Spain) El Brutal Bruto
Swedish Brutala Bruty
Turkish Brute Bruty


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