The Boat Man

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The Boat Man
Biographical information
AKA Death
Gender Male
Behind the scenes information
Voiced by Tom Baker
"Greetings stranger, I am the Boat Man - it is I who ferry lost souls on their final journey to the Land of the Dead. But hold, have we not met before? Sir Daniel Fortesque! Not you too?"
― The Boat Man recognises a former passenger.

The Boat Man, otherwise known as Death, was the one responsible for ferrying lost souls on their final journey to the Land of the Dead.


Canonical account

Amid the stormy gloom over the Pools Of The Ancient Dead, Sir Dan found the Boat Man waiting to escort eight lost valiants to their final resting place from the accursed swamps. As his boat was the only available means of passage into Mellowmede and the Crystal Caves, the Boatman brokered a deal with Sir Dan for the lost souls as fare.

Apocryphal account

An alternative account suggests that Sir Dan first encountered Death in the Graveyard. Death allegedly agreed to help fight Zarok and informed Daniel about the locations of the so-called Anubis Stone pieces. Dan later encountered Death again in the Pools Of The Ancient Dead, where he allegedly helped locate his missing boat and rebuild Mecha-Death, which was destroyed whilst attempting to clean up the battlefield. After Dan collected three of the Anubis Stone pieces as well as the Dragon Plate Armour from Dragon Island, Death allegedly ferried him to the Haunted Ruins, where they parted ways.




The Boat Man was weary and sardonic, yet retained an air of engaging charisma and elegant charm. If he ever had any real enthusiasm for his job, it's been long gone. However, he had two key redeeming features that shone through his aura of melancholy resignation: His comprehensive knowledge of Gallowmere, and a sneaking admiration (almost paternal regard) for the undead knight Sir Daniel Fortesque, whom he saw as his only hope of gaining some peace from a massively increased workload.

Behind the scenes


MediEvil (2019 remake)

Strangely, there is no entry for the Boat Man in the remake's Book of Gallowmere.


In MediEvil: Resurrection, Death was voiced by actor and comedian Tom Baker, best known for his portrayal of the Fourth Doctor in the BBC serial Doctor Who.



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