Unicorn Shield

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Unicorn Shield
Icon Unicorn Shield
Type Item
Found in Whitechapel
Used in Whitechapel
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Unicorn Shield was one of two items needed to unlock Isibod Brunel's crypt in Whitechapel, the other being the Griffin Shield. It represented a supporter in Brunel's heraldic achievement.


Sir Dan made his way to Whitechapel after Princess Kiya went missing there. In order to enquire about her at the Club she went into, Dan had to find several items to be let in. One of these was a beard, which could be found inside the crypt of Isibod Brunel. To get to the beard, Dan had to go to a local memorial dedicated to Brunel where the Unicorn Shield was hidden, one of two shields needed to enter Brunel's crypt.


To obtain the shield, Dan must make his way to the Brunel memorial. While facing the Club (with the camera behind him), Dan needs to head left, then take two left turns and then circle around the memorial to find the entrance.

There are three lights and a prism in front of Brunel's statue. Between the prism and the statue is an elevated button. Dan needs to jump on it in order to turn the lights on. All three lights will be red and facing away from the prism. Dan needs to hit each light to make them face the prism. Once done, he needs to jump on the buttons in front of two of the lights in order to turn them blue and green respectively. Red, green and blue lights will create white light, which, once it illuminates the statue, will shift the once elevated button to reveal the Unicorn Shield.

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