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Icon Beard
Type Item
Requirement(s) Griffin Shield, Unicorn Shield
Found in Whitechapel
Used in Whitechapel
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2
"That's not your card, is it sir? You haven't got a beard!"
― The Bouncer, turning Sir Dan away.

The Beard once belonged to Isibod Brunel, a prominent industrialist and socialist in London.


Sir Dan made his way to Whitechapel after Princess Kiya went missing there. In order to enquire about her at the Club she went into, Dan had to find several items to be let in. One of these was a beard, which could be found inside the crypt of Isibod Brunel. To get to the beard, Dan had to find the two shields needed to enter Brunel's crypt, the Griffin Shield and the Unicorn Shield. Dan found the beard inside Brunel's sarcophagus after putting him to rest.


The beard is inside Brunel's crypt in the Whitechapel cemetery. To gain access into the crypt, Dan needs to find the Griffin Shield and the Unicorn Shield first. Once he has them, he needs to slot them into the crypt wall to unlock its door. Inside he will have to face a horde of zombies and Brunel. The zombie hoard will only stop spawning once Brunel is dead. After he is taken care of, the beard will appear in his sarcophagus. It will be equipped immediately after being picked up. It cannot be removed, but will be removed automatically after the end of the level.

Wearing the Beard with the Dinner Suit will make Peelers stop attacking Dan.

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