Spell Page

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Spell Page
Spell Page front. Spell Page back.
Front and back of the spell page.
Icon Spell Page
Type Item
Requirement(s) Lost Soul (12x)
Golden Cog (2x)
Found in Cathedral Spires, the Descent
Used in The Demon
Taken by Lord Palethorn
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Spell Page was the last part of Zarok's spell book that Lord Palethorn was missing. It was located in the heart of a cathedral in London.


After the Bad Soul inside the cathedral was defeated, Sir Dan was able to obtain the last spell page of Zarok's spell book before quickly escaping the now-collapsing cathedral. However, Lord Palethorn later took the page from him, completing his control over the spell book.


In terms of gameplay, the Spell Page does not serve a purpose; it is purely a part of the story, much like the Poster. The Spell Page is automatically collected and removed during intermissions.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Page du grimoire
German Zauberbuchseite
Italian Pagina incantesimo
Portuguese (Portugal) Página do Livro dos Feitiços
Russian Страница книги заклинаний
Stranitsa knigi zaklinaniy
Spanish (Spain) Página de hechizos


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