The Depot Key

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The Depot Key
Icon The Depot Key
Type Item
Found in Kensington
Used in Kensington
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Depot Key was used to unlock the gate to The Depot in Kensington.


After being resurrected, Sir Daniel Fortesque was tasked with finding out who was behind the chaos in London by the Professor. During his mission in Kensington, Dan found himself inside the McPepper & Son Quayside Mills building where he found The Depot Key. He proceeded to use it to unlock the gate to The Depot and continue his mission.


The Depot Key is the first item needed to make progress in Kensington. From his starting position, Dan has to keep going straight ahead past the Regal Zombie and his minions until he finds himself in front of the McPepper & Son Quayside Mills building. Dan then needs to hit a lever at the side of the building to activate the elevator, which will allow him to get inside. Once in the building, Dan will need to push a crate to allow him to climb up and pick up The Depot Key.

After coming back outside, Dan needs to take the other exit from the area which will take him to the front of The Museum. Directly opposite where he came from will be the gate to The Depot.

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