Golden Cog

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Golden Cog
Icon Golden Cog
Type Item
Found in Cathedral Spires, the Descent
Used in Cathedral Spires, the Descent
Amount 2
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

A Golden Cog was used in the cathedral to rotate some of its rooms. Two cogs could be found within the cathedral.


Sir Dan had to venture into a cathedral in London in order to recover the last Spell Page from Zarok's spell book. To get past some rooms, he had to find Golden Cogs and insert them into cog mechanisms so that they would rotate.


Two Golden Cogs can be found in Cathedral Spires, the Descent. The first is at the top of the chandelier room found beyond the room with scaffolding, at the very front of the cathedral. After obtaining it, Dan needs to return to the scaffolding room and enter the door on the bottom floor. Then he needs to keep moving forward until he finds a wall with a cog mechanism, where he needs to insert the Golden Cog into it. This will make the switch next to it work. Hit it until the next room is rotated so that Dan can walk up the stairs in it, then pass through it into a third room.

You will notice a hole in the floor and several severed hands. Place your head on one of them and jump in the hole. You will need to jump on a moving cog and across other platforms to get to the second Golden Cog. Once you have it, jump on the giant rotating cog to get launched out of the room back into the first room with a cog mechanism.

Walk headless Dan back into the first room and then rotate the second room so that its cog mechanism is accessible, then slot the Golden Cog into it. Return to the first room and rotate the second room so that the stairs are climbable again. Enter it and notice the switch on the right. Hit it to rotate the third room until you can climb the ladder inside it.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Pignon en or
German Goldenes Rädchen
Italian Ingranaggio dorato
Portuguese (Portugal) Roda Dentada de Ouro
Russian Золотая шестерня
Zolotaya shesternya
Spanish (Spain) Rueda de Oro


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