Library Key

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Library Key
Icon Library Key
Type Item
Found in Whitechapel
Used in Whitechapel
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Library Key opened the door to the Library in Isibod Brunel's house.


Sir Dan made his way to Whitechapel after Princess Kiya went missing there. In order to enquire about her at the Club she went into, Dan had to find several items to be let in. The first of these was a Membership Card, which he found in the house of the deceased Isibod Brunel. To get to the card, Dan first had to go into the basement, where he found the Library Key.


To obtain the key, Dan must enter Isibod Brunel's house. While facing the Club (with the camera behind him), Dan needs to head right until he comes across some crates and reaches a dead end. On the wall is a ladder that can be reached by pushing a crate up to the wall. The ladder leads to the rooftop of the house, from which Dan can get on the balcony. Then, he can get into the bedroom via the open window.

Once inside, Dan needs to head down two flights of stairs to enter the basement. Then he needs to smash up the crates and he will find the Library Key.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Clé de la bibliothèque
German Bücherei-Schlüssel
Italian Chiave della biblioteca
Portuguese (Portugal) Chave da Biblioteca
Russian Ключ от библиотеки
Klyuch ot biblioteki
Spanish (Spain) Llave de la biblioteca


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