Pocket Watch

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Pocket Watch
Icon MediEvil2-PocketWatchIcon.png
Type Item
Requirement(s) Town House Key
Found in Kensington
Used in The Professor's Lab
Given to Professor Hamilton Kift
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Pocket Watch was an item that belonged to the spellcaster.


After being resurrected, Sir Daniel Fortesque was tasked with finding out who was behind the chaos in London by the Professor. During his mission in Kensington, Dan was able to find the room where the spell was cast. There, he found the Pocket Watch, which he took back with him for the Professor to analyse.

Later, the Professor informed Dan that the Pocket Watch belonged to Lord Palethorn.


The Pocket Watch is inside a chest hidden behind a stack of crates at the top floor of the Town House in Kensington. To get inside the house, the Town House Key is required. Dan cannot leave the house until he finds and picks up the Pocket Watch. After it is picked up, Daniel can climb the roof of The Museum to witness the spellcaster's henchmen leave through the skylight. Daniel gives the Pocket Watch to the Professor after the mission.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Montre gousset
German Taschenuhr
Italian Orologio da tasca
Portuguese (Portugal) Relógio de bolso
Russian Карманные часы
Karmannyye chasy
Spanish (Spain) Reloj de Bolsillo

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