Water Tank Valve

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Water Tank Valve
Icon Water Tank Valve
Type Item
Requirement(s) Potting Shed Key
Found in Kew Gardens
Used in Kew Gardens
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Water Tank Valve was one of three valves used in Kew Gardens to turn on sprinklers to water the plants.


To get around the Kew Gardens conservatory, Sir Dan had to find a valve that would make the Spitting Plants inside the first room bloom. He found such a valve inside the Potting Shed outside.


The Water Tank Valve is found inside the Potting Shed at the far end of the garden outside. The Potting Shed Key is needed to open the shed. The valve then needs to be taken to the very top of the greenhouse into a room with The Spiv. Placing and turning the valve will cause the Spitting Plants in the first room to bloom. This will allow Dan to climb up to the area with the Pond Room Valve.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Soupape du réservoir d'eau
German Wassertank-Ventil
Italian Valvola del serbatoio
Portuguese (Portugal) Válvula do Tanque de água.[sic]
Russian Водный клапан
Vodnyy klapan
Spanish (Spain) Válvula del tanque de Agua

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