Lost Souls

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This article is about the collectables in MediEvil 2. For the collectables in the MediEvil remake, see Lost Souls.
Lost Soul
Icon Lost Soul
AKA Imprisoned Soul[1]
Type Item
Found in Cathedral Spires
Cathedral Spires, the Descent
Used in Cathedral Spires, the Descent
Used on Bad Soul
Amount 12
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

A Lost Soul was an imprisoned spirit within and around a cathedral in London. There were twelve that the cathedral was drawing power from.


A cathedral in London began drawing power from Lost Souls. Its evil began manifesting as the Bad Soul deep within the cathedral. It was guarding the final Spell Page from Zarok's spell book.


Sir Dan has to free all twelve lost souls in order to defeat the Bad Soul. All five souls in Cathedral Spires have to be collected in order for Dan to proceed into Cathedral Spires, the Descent (at least without abusing glitches). The player will thus have five souls at the start of the Descent. Entering the room with the Bad Soul before having all souls will not do anything. The Bad Soul cannot be interacted with in any way, but it will turn to look at Dan.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Ame en peine
German Verlorene Seele
Italian Anima persa
Portuguese (Portugal) Alma penada
Russian Потерянная душа
Poteryannaya dusha
Spanish (Spain) Alma perdida


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