Dinosaur Key

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Dinosaur Key
Icon Dinosaur Key
Type Item
Requirement(s) Cannon Ball, Torch
Found in The Museum
Used in The Museum
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Dinosaur Key unlocked a door in The Museum, leading into a room with dinosaur bones on display.


After waking up from his slumber, Sir Daniel Fortesque quickly began his journey through The Museum he now found himself in. He eventually made it into The Museum's Myths & Legends section, where he found the Dinosaur Key, allowing him to progress into other rooms in the building.


Once Dan has blown up some rubble with a cannon and walked through the now unblocked door, he will be in the Myths & Legends section. Here he needs to climb to the upper area which has the Dinosaur Key. The key unlocks a door on the ground floor.

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