Scroll of Sekhmet

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Scroll of Sekhmet
Icon Scroll of Sekhmet
AKA Egyptian Artifact[1]
Type Item
Found in Kensington, the Tomb
Used in Kensington, the Tomb
Given to Sekhmet
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Scroll of Sekhmet was one of three Egyptian Artifacts needed to release the Princess from her tomb in The Museum.


Having just seen the spellcaster's henchmen leave the Museum, Sir Dan made his way in to discover a reconstructed Egyptian tomb. Inside, he found a room with three Egyptian Artifacts. These needed to be given to the correct statue in an adjacent room in order to release the sarcophagus housed within.


The Scroll of Sekhmet can be found in the room with pushable blocks. It is at the lowest level of elevation and can be reached using only one block. It needs to be given to the statue of Sekhmet in the sarcophagus room, which is on the right relative to the room's entrance.

In other languages

Language Name
French (France) Parchemin de Sekhmet
German Sekhmets Schriftrolle
Italian Pergamena di Sekhmet
Portuguese (Portugal) Pergaminho de Skehmet[sic]
Russian Свиток Хекмета[sic]
Svitok Khekmeta
Spanish (Spain) Pergamino de Sekhmet

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