King Mullock's Key

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King Mullock's Key
Icon King Mullock's Key
Type Item
Requirement(s) Time Stone
Found in The Time Machine, Sewers
Dropped by Mullock King
Used in The Time Machine, Sewers
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The King Mullock's Key opened the door into the King's Hut in The Sewers.


In order to travel back in time to save Princess Kiya, Sir Dan had to steal the Time Stone from the Mullocks. This made them hostile towards him, making it difficult for him to leave. As part of his escape plan, Dan knocked out the Mullock King, who dropped the key to his hut.


Dan needs to knock out several Mullocks in front of the king's hut in order to coax him out. Then Dan needs to attack the king to knock him out as well. As soon as that's done, the king will drop the key, which will unlock his hut.

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