Town House Key

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Town House Key
Icon Town House Key
Type Item
Requirement(s) The Depot Key
Found in Kensington
Used in Kensington
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Town House Key was a key that unlocked a Town House in Kensington.


After being resurrected, Sir Daniel Fortesque was tasked with finding out who was behind the chaos in London by the Professor. During his mission in Kensington, Dan found himself in The Depot where he discovered the Town House Key. He later used it to enter the Town House, where he uncovered it as the origin of the cast spell.


To get the Town House Key, Dan must first acquire The Depot Key to gain access to The Depot. Once past the gate, Dan can climb into the building using a nearby ladder. After grabbing the key, he needs to stay vigilant, as the sarcophagi in the room will open, releasing hostile Skeletal Mummies. After exiting the building, Dan needs to double back to The Museum area from which he can reach the Town House that the key will unlock.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
French (France) Clé de l'hôtel particulier -
German Rathaus-Schlüssel -
Italian Chiave di casa -
Portuguese (Portugal) Chave da Câmara Municipal Town Hall Key
Russian Ключ от городского дома
Klyuch ot gorodskogo doma
Spanish (Spain) La llave del Ayuntamiento Town Hall Key

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