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Icon Bellows
Type Item
Found in Greenwich Naval Academy
Used in Greenwich Naval Academy
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

The Bellows was an item found within a water tank in the Greenwich Naval Academy.


As part of his mission to thwart Lord Palethorn, Sir Dan found himself in the Greenwich Naval Academy. In order to operate a hot air balloon ship on the building's rooftop, Dan had to fish out the bellows out of a water tank. He then used the bellows to strengthen the flame under the balloon to get the ship off the ground.


Dan needs to place his head inside the diving bell in the academy building so that he can determine the exact position of the bellows in the water tank. Using his headless body, Dan then needs to operate levers on the ground to fish out the bellows using a magnet. After picking up the bellows, Dan should head to the rooftop to position it in front of the hot air balloon ship. Using his torch, he needs to light the flame under the balloon and then jump up and down on the bellows to help it grow until the ship is ready to take off.

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