Elephant Keys

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Elephant Keys
Icon Elephant Key 1 Elephant Key 2
AKA Elephant Key 1, Elephant Key 2
Type Item
Found in The Freakshow
Dropped by Standard Elephant-Bots
Used in The Freakshow
Appears in MediEvil 2 MediEvil 2

Elephant Keys were keys held by Imps operating Standard Elephant-Bots. They were required to open the gates to the big tent at The Freakshow.


As part of his ongoing mission to thwart Lord Palethorn, Sir Dan found himself at the local freakshow. In order to get into the big tent, Dan had to dispatch two Standard Elephant-Bots to acquire their Elephant Keys.


Elephant Key 1 can be found on a Standard Elephant-Bot after jumping across trampolines on the slime pits inhabited by Pit Monsters. Elephant Key 2 is found on a Standard Elephant-Bot before the aforementioned section, past a spinning tunnel room. Elephant Key 2 is used on the left lock outside the big tent, while Elephant Key 1 is used on the right one.

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